This site will thrive as a living database through contributions from all members of the river-loving community, technical or layman. Here are some steps to help you get started:

1. Adding Info

a. Join

The CT Rivers Community welcomes you! Click the link at the top of the page and become a member of our community. There is no fee to join.

b. Click Edit

Once you sign in as a member, you will see an Edit This Page button on each river page. Click the link to open up the Editor. The Editor allows you to change fonts, colors, add/remove links, upload/add images, and organize info in tables. If you click the blue button (looks like a TV), you can add a "widget" such as a photo slideshow, a YouTube video, a calendar or a Google Map. For more help editing pages, see the wikispaces Help section

c. Add Your Info

Make your contribution to the river page and click Save on the Editor bar. If you wish to flex your coding chops, click Text Editor to see and edit the source code.

2. Following the Format

Because this site is open to the public, you can expect a variety of people to access any given river page. Keeping a standard format makes it easy for people to find what they need. Please enter your information into one of the categories on each page (see Sample page for a description of the categories). If your contribution does not fit into one of the categories, please enter it above the Notes/Sources section and title it 12a. Put the new title on its own line and change it to style "Heading 1." This should enter the new headline into the Table of Contents.

3. Source your information

In order to maintain the integrity of this site, please take all possible steps to make sure your information is correct and supported. Use established sources such as peer-reviewed journals, books, published research by an expert (historian/professor/naturalist), government and university websites, and personal observations. At the bottom of each river page is a section entitled Notes/Sources where you can state the nature of your source. Add yours to the list and create an anchor link from the copy (your sentence/paragraph) to the number of your source. Here's how:
  • Click Edit This Page and enter your info in the proper section,
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, add another number and type in your source. Please use MLA format available here or here or here.
  • In front of the source number, type [ [ #sourceX ] ], without any of the spaces, where X is the number of your source.
  • Scroll up to the info you entered and at the end of your info, type [X] with X being the source number you used earlier.
  • Highlight the number, not the brackets, and click the Insert Link button on the Editor menu bar.
  • A new window or tab should open with link options. In the middle, type the name of the page you're editing and then click Link to anchor?
  • In the anchor box, type sourceX, where X is the number of your source.
  • Click Add link and in the page window, click Save
  • Test your link!

4. Photos

Please try to post only photos you have taken yourself and give yourself credit in the name of your photo. Due to a limited storage capacity, please consider the size of your phots. Either adjust the photo down to 1 MB OR upload your photos to Flickr and add a link to your slideshow (click "Add Widget" and follow the guide). See an example of the Flickr slideshow on the West River (West Haven) page.

Add a photo by clicking the Insert Images and Files button on the Editor. First upload your photo, then double click the photo to insert it onto a page. You can then grab one of the corner points to resize.

5. Adding Documents

When you wish to add a document, be it a pdf, MS Word or MS Excel file, click the Insert Images button on the Editor. Once you upload your document, you have the option of inserting the file into page (it places a clickable icon) or establishing a link to the file. Please consider the size of your file before uploading it. Our limited storage capacity may make it difficult to upload too many documents.

6. Mistakes

If you determine that information posted on a river page is erroneous, fix it and note your correction. If you discover that a river has been left out of the database, post a message to the administrator and we will add a new page.

7. Posting Additional Content

Wikispaces allows for the inclusion of multimedia widgets like video, audio, calendars, photo slideshows and much more. If you discover a relevant multimedia addition to any of the pages, please use it! Let's see how dynamic we can make this site.

8. Sensitive Information

Due to the sensitive nature of some human use information, specifically pollution, any claims must be supported by legitimate, documented evidence. Citations must be complete or the information will be removed. Use the guidelines above to cite your sources.

In addition, this site is not a place for personal attacks against individuals, groups or agencies. Keep the site scholarly.

9. Technical Writings

Please help make this site a starting point for technical research on water resources in Connecticut. If you have a published study, please include a succinct abstract in the respective Lesson Plans & Field Studies section with a link to your paper.