Name of River Here (parent river, if duplicate name)
Drainage Basin: Name of Major Drainage Basin here

1. About this Watershed

Add a general description of the entire watershed, including location of headwaters, towns through which the watershed runs, subwatersheds, lakes and reservoirs, distance the river travels from head to basin and an overview of land use. Link to a slideshow, attach diagrams or simply post an interesting photo of the river.

2. Geology

Describe the underlying geologic story of the watershed. What was the effect of plate movement? How did glaciers help create this watershed?

3. Hydrology

Include details of how water comes into the river (rainfall, feeder streams, etc.), how water moves within the watershed both above and below ground (discharge) and how water exits the watershed.

4. History

What is the human history of this river? How did people discover and then live off of this river?

5. Human Use & Impact

In what ways are humans currently using the river (fishing, water resource, hydroelectric)? Are there pollution threats? Has the river been altered in its channel or basin? What effect have alterations had on ecosystems, recreation and the fishing/shellfishing industries?

6. Flora (Plants)

Describe significant plantlife, including invasive species.

7. Fauna (Animals)

Describe significant animals and habitats. Place special emphasis on animals actually witnessed in this watershed.

8. Field Studies & Lesson Plans

Write a short description and attach interesting lessons and field studies (ideas and studies actually conducted). Please indicate the age range for any lessons. Attachments should be .doc or .pdf files.

9. Technical Writings

Please include a brief synopsis of the work and an external link to the paper, where available.

10. Personal Stories

Include stories, poems, songs or other art that celebrates the river. How does this river inspire you?

11. Community Groups

Any historical societies, river groups or other related organizations should feel free to post their information here.

12. Recreation

Know a good fishing site on this river (that you're willing to share)? Have a boat rental business? This is a place to celebrate the hiking, fishing, boating, photography or other activities connected to the watershed.

13. Related Links

Other websites with interesting info.

14. Notes/Sources

See the guidelines page for details on sourcing your information.
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