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West River in New Haven
What is the Connecticut Rivers Wiki?

The Connecticut Rivers Wiki is a comprehensive, collaborative resource for anyone interested in Connecticut's waterways. Pages on this site will detail physical characteristics, hydrology, flora, fauna, history, pollution threats, recreational use, educational activities and other valuable information on every one of Connecticut's 100+ rivers. Most importantly, all of the information is entered by caring individuals like you. The Connecticut Rivers Wiki is monitored by the Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) Science Education and Environmental Studies Department. This website is not for profit.

Why use (and what is) a wiki?
A wiki is a collection of web pages that allows input from everyone. The Connecticut Rivers Community brings people with a common interest together on a free online forum to share information. Since the topic of Connecticut rivers is so broad and diverse, and people are into different aspects of Connecticut river life, a wiki is the best technology for bringing everyone together. Take what interests you, leave what you think might interest someone else. Slowly, and with the care of our members, we will build an invaluable online tool for anyone interested in Connecticut rivers.

Who is part of the Connecticut Rivers Wiki community? Who can contribute? How does it work?
This is a site for you and by you. You are a teacher, fisherman, grad student, historian, kayaker, professor, elementary school student, scientist, writer, hiker or local land owner. This community will thrive on the meaningful contributions (knowledge, poetry, stories, photos, research) of our community members. Anyone can join and anyone can add, remove or edit existing info. The exact information you post must fit within the designated headings so each page remains relatively uniform [click for sample] and we count on members to observe scientific and journalistic guidelines, such as noting the source of your information. And due to the sensitivity of some information, we reserve the right to lock certain areas and ban those with offensive postings or malicious intent.

Is this site accurate?
The Connecticut Rivers Wiki is as accurate as its members will allow. We are all experts at different things, and we will complement each other as fact-checkers and inspirators. It is important for contributors to support their postings with peer-reviewed sources, when appropriate. Parts of this site will rely on first-hand accounts of our experiences, making our senses the "fact-checkers." Due to the nature of this forum, we recommend anyone wishing to write a scholarly paper on rivers in Connecticut consult peer-reviewed sources for greatest accuracy.

How is the Connecticut Rivers Wiki organized?
This wiki is organized much like the terrain in Connecticut: within larger drainage basins or watersheds are the rivers and streams. You will find a page for each Connecticut river in its respective watershed region. To find a specific river or rivers within a specific geographic region, use the search tool. Each river page will be cross-referenced to note the towns in which a watershed resides, above or under ground.

For the purposes of integrated water resource management, The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection has divided the state into six major drainage basins, or watershed areas, with two additional regions overlapping from New York and Rhode Island.